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Offers.com Scores $7 Million Investment

It’s always nice when you see someone who “gets” domain names that also understands affiliate marketing and web site development. One of those people is Austinite Steve Schaffer, who created Offers.com.

Offers.com just closed on a $7 million growth equity investment from Susquehanna Growth Equity, LLLP. It’s a minority investment, which should give you some idea of the value Schaffer has created from Offers.com. The company plans to hire 20 more employees over the coming year.

I last saw Schaffer at the DOMAINfest event in New York City. You might call him a domainer, but he’s someone who sees the big picture better than most domainers. If you need more proof that he gets it, consider this: he also bought the singular version of Offers.com — Offer.com — for $180,000 back in 2008.

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