Hello! My name is Circle KK LO. I am an Internet entrepreneur and interested in domain name story. It is really wonderful to read and study how powerful of a domain name affecting the activities of Internet.

66 newly funded startups and their domain names: Riversand.com, Armis.com, CarFirst.com

$382,620,830 in funding was raised by 66 new startup companies last week. More than 68% of these companies launched with a .com domain name with the ccTLDs being a strong second with almost 20%.  There is not a single startup on the list this week that decided to launch with one of the new domain name extensions.

Not a great list of domain names this week but some I do like include those of Riversand Technologies, a Texas-based Master Data Management (MDM) and a Product Information Management (PIM) company which raised $35m in Series A funding. I also like IoT security company Armis raises which raised $17m and is using the matching Armis.com domain name. Armis is Latin for “by force and arms.” Last up there’s CarFirst which is a first of its kind one-stop shop at Carfirst.com to sell your car with no hassle in Pakistan.

Here’s this weeks list:

NameFundingAmountDomain NameTLD
RiversandSeries AUS$35,000,000 Riversand.com.com
il MakiageVentureUS$34,000,000 ilMakiage.com.au.com.au
Tisbury PharmaceuticalsVentureUS$32,000,000 TisburyPharmaceuticals.com.com
YubicoVentureUS$30,000,000 Yubico.com.com
UntuckitVentureUS$30,000,000 Untuckit.com.com
BlackRock MetalsVentureUS$29,640,000 BlackRockMetals.com.com
Armis SecurityVentureUS$17,000,000 Armis.com.com
aXiomaticVentureUS$16,500,000 AxiomNH.com.com
QUE OncologySeries AUS$16,000,000 QueOncology.com.com
Tulip InterfacesSeries AUS$13,000,000 Tulip.co.co
ComHearSeries AUS$12,000,000 ComHear.com.com
StrekinSeedUS$10,370,000 Strekin.com.com
Platelet BioGenesisSeries AUS$10,000,000 PlateletBiogenesis.com.com
Obsidian SecuritySeries AUS$9,500,000 ObsidianSecurity.com.com
BalbixSeries AUS$8,600,000 Balbix.com.com
Happy PlugsVentureUS$6,730,000 HappyPlugs.com.com
FullStack ModularSeries AUS$6,000,000 FullStackModular.com.com
Viceroy Capital HealthcareVentureUS$5,400,000 Viceven.com.com
CognataVentureUS$5,000,000 Cognata.com.com
Wahed Invest IncSeedUS$5,000,000 WahedInvest.com.com
Belkin LaserVentureUS$5,000,000 RadBiomed.com.com
YEAY GmbHSeedUS$4,900,000 Yeay.com.com
WaystoCapSeedUS$3,000,000 WaysToCap.com.com
ColdpressVentureUS$2,970,000 Coldpress.co.uk.co.uk
FinCompareSeedUS$2,820,000 FinCompare.de.de
AlitheonSeedUS$2,800,000 Alitheon.com.com
FundShopSeries AUS$2,480,000 FundShop.fr.fr
Lighthouse8Series AUS$2,370,000 Lighthouse8.com.com
FSportsVentureUS$2,300,000 FSport.net.net
QuantifiSeedUS$2,300,000 Quantifi.ai.ai
Zoom.aiSeedUS$2,100,000 Zoom.ai.ai
Wicket Labs IncSeedUS$2,000,000 WicketLabs.com.com
Court InnovationsSeries AUS$1,800,000 CourtInnovations.com.com
OpenledgerSeedUS$1,660,000 OpenLedger.info.info
PropzyVentureUS$1,600,000 Propzy.com.com
ABI HealthSeedUS$1,500,000 abi-health.com.com
Multiplier SolutionsSeedUS$1,500,000 MultiplierSolutions.com.com
Life2Series AUS$1,500,000 Life2inc.com.com
Krypt.coSeedUS$1,200,000 Krypt.co.co
Companion IncSeedUS$1,000,000 CompanionApp.io.io
SpinnySeedUS$1,000,000 MySpinny.com.com
Boende.seVentureUS$924,420 Boende.se.se
WorksomeVentureUS$526,000 Worksome.com.com
Skycom CorporationSeedUS$315,000 Skycom.io.io
Multicore PhotonicsSeedUS$300,000 Multicore-Photonics.com.com
TapcoreSeedUS$281,180 Tapcore.com.com
SnowvationSeedUS$265,000 Snowvation.com.com
Kymira SportSeedUS$156,230 KymiraSport.com.com
TechieGamersSeedUS$113,000 TechieGamers.com.com
Gain ComplianceAngelUS$100,000 GainCompliance.com.com
Resume-ClipSeedUS$50,000 Resume-Clip.com.com
Intrabone IncSeries AUS$50,000 Intrabone.com.com
Ausava IncSeedUndisclosedAusava.com.com
Once Sync LimitedSeedUndisclosedOnceSync.com.com
Across Asia StrategyVentureUndisclosedAcrossAsia.hk.hk
CarFirstSeries AUndisclosedCarFirst.com.com
Market Pulse TechnologiesSeedUndisclosedMarket-Pulse.in.in
Crenovative GmbHAngelUndisclosedx-bulk.de.de

Funding data is based on online reporting and we can not guarantee 100% accuracy. To compile this list we only include companies that raised the first round of angel, seed, Series A or Venture funding and exclude companies that raised private equity or Series B and beyond funding rounds. 

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